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Mesbur+Smith Cinema Design Consultants, formerly Mesbur+Smith Architects, is one of the world’s pre-eminent design firms specializing in entertainment design, from multiplex cinemas to historical theatre restoration projects to diverse entertainment and recreation facilities. With over 500 successfully completed projects spanning 47 countries across the globe, we offer expertise and consistently innovative, functional solutions for entertainment design across a full spectrum of spaces. 

We understand the design of entertainment facilities for radically different locales, cultures, and aesthetic sensibilities. We create beautiful, visually striking spaces that fit various cultures and regions within the parameters of clients’ expectations and resources. We are continually evolving and refining our design practice while staying true to our original mandate of excellence in cinema design. 


In 1983, David Mesbur became the exclusive architect for Cineplex Odeon Corporation to design multiplex cinemas in Canada, United States and England designing and completing more than 250 projects over seven years. David developed a unique approach to multiplex cinema design, setting new standards for quality of presentation, creating dramatic interiors for cinema lobbies and auditoriums. He collaborated on commissioned art installations with prominent Canadian artists in 52 cinema lobbies throughout North America and helmed the multiple-award winning restoration of Toronto’s historic Pantages Theatre.

In 1992, David and partner, Harold Smith, formed Mesbur+Smith Architects, expanding its unique expertise in cinema design beyond North America. Over the next fifteen years, the firm completed more than 75 new cinema complexes throughout Mexico, India, and Russia. New projects included other recreational and entertainment facilities: bowling centres, restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, games arcades, and fitness centres. In 2003, the partners were joined by Senior Designer and Project Manager Ramin Moeini. David and Ramin have continued to attract exceptionally skilled designers to the firm following the retirement of Harold Smith in 2013.


Our experienced, multilingual team leads diverse entertainment projects across the Americas, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.




David Mesbur received his Bachelor of Architecture from University of Manitoba, and a Master of Architecture from University of Toronto specializing in Urban Design. David’s extensive experience in urban planning and housing design includes significant projects such as:  Lowering the Cost of New Housing Report for the Urban Development Institute, Vienna Town Planning Competition, and master planning of several Ontario new towns, including Erin Mills, Orleans, and Townsend.

In 1983, David became the exclusive architect for Cineplex Odeon Corporation, an association that extended through 1990. During this time, he completed more than 250 multiplex cinemas in USA, Canada and Britain contributing greatly to the development of the modern multiplex cinema. The projects enhanced the patron experience through creative lobby designs, innovative space planning, exciting auditorium designs and integration of cafes with cinemas. Through his research and careful study, David established solid criteria and methodologies for the creation of perfect cinema geometry and sight lines.  In 1992, David formed Mesbur+Smith Architects, in partnership with Harold Smith, focusing on entertainment architecture.

Since 1983, David has been an innovator in multiplex cinema design, has presented lectures and workshops and authored articles on different aspects of cinema design in leading trade publications. He has led the transformation and restoration of many historic movie palaces, conversions of large single screen theatres into viable multiplexes, and the adaptive reuse of cinema buildings into performing arts venues.

David brings exceptional skills in synthesizing complex program requirements into clear, functional and beautiful conceptual designs.




Ramin graduated with a Master of Architecture from Kharkov State Technical University of Construction and Architecture in Ukraine. He began his professional experience as Project Manager for a shopping centre and housing development in Kazakhstan, before immigrating to Canada. He studied digital architecture at Ryerson University, Toronto, and worked as a Senior Theatre Designer for IMAX Corporation. In 2003, Ramin joined Mesbur+Smith Architects as a Senior Designer and Project Manager.

Ramin has delivered numerous presentations at cinema industry events. He recently gave a lecture on cinema design at Kharkov University to senior architecture students.

Ramin brings strong design talent and exceptional skill in 3D modelling and visualization. He is fluent in three languages, English, Farsi and Russian.